PackLogX is the leading platform for Euro pallets, one-way pallets and other loading aids. 160 suppliers from 15 countries are currently connected to the PackLogX partner network and around 200 customers place their trust in us.

In order to keep you regularly informed about the latest market developments, you will receive the “Packlogx-News” every month. If you do not want to receive any information, please let me know.

Our stipulation is: we will inform you openly, honestly and transparently and give you our assessment of the expected Euro pallet prices in the different quality classes for the coming one to two months!

Where do the numbers come from?

The first figures in the graphics come from only a rudimentary collection of data from the beginning of our business endeavors in 2020. Over time, Packlogx GmbH has been able to permanently and sustainably expand and manifest its contact to the various pallet producers, repairers, but also dealers. Today we look at a meaningful, dense network of information that we want to make available to you – prepared in the various graphics.

All prices mentioned are average prices for the respective months. Prices can vary significantly depending on the quantity and region. Only the German pallet market is also considered and analyzed

The current situation

The wood market has been fiercely competitive for months due to the high number of exports to the USA and Asia and the prices per cubic meter of wood are rising rapidly. This is naturally reflected in the current prices for Euro pallets and wooden pallets as a whole, which – in many cases – are only given as daily prices or, at most, as weekly prices. Even long-standing, so-called “old hands” in the wood market, a situation that currently prevails on the market is not known or has not yet come across.


Unfortunately, there is no end in sight to this situation, especially with the knowledge that China, for example, has not yet placed 100% of its wood orders. This fact could once again worsen the situation on the timber market! The result would be that – according to our forecast – the prices for new Euro pallets will settle well above the € 10 mark, and the prices for used pallets will rise accordingly. For this reason, we dare to make a forecast up to May 2021 at most.

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