Do you want to optimise your purchase of loading equipments?

PackLogX offers you a digital, simple and efficient solution. It has never been so easy to optimize potential in purchasing! Use our marketplace to directly receive offers for EPAL euro-pallets, one-way pallets of all kinds, pallet cages, wooden boxes and wooden boards from different manufacturers. Set your individual request on our platform, receive offers from various suppliers and select the most beneficial conditions for your individual needs. Regardless of whether you choose a single request or a whole tendering process, PackLogX provides an efficient solution for your purchase.

Best Price

Decide on the most lucrative offer by negotiating directly with different manufacturers.

Time Savings

Use our platform and benefit from automated business processes.


Compare offers from different manufacturers quickly and easily.


Use our platform and benefit from our global supplier network.


Manage your entire purchase of loading equipment by using our central platform and avoid decentralised and isolated solutions.


Our dashboard provides an holistic overview about your sales and consumptions.

How does it work?

  • Request

    Place your individual request of loading equipment efficiently on our platform.
  • Offer

    Directly receive individual and competitive offers from different manufacturers.

  • Negotiation

    Compare and negotiate the most beneficial conditions for your needs (e.g. prices, delivery dates, payment terms).

  • Order

    Create, manage or copy your order digitally and efficiently.

  • Delivery

    Directly receive a delivery status containing the correct amount of pieces and excact delivery date. This helps you to plan and accelerate the unloading process.

All transactions will be directly handled by PackLogX professionally. During the whole process, PackLogX is assisting you with a German or English customer support.

Apart from single requests you can also agree on long-term relationships and prices by using our platform. This helps you to get your desired goods from the same manufacturer with the same quality.

Before registering on our platform, each manufacturer passes a detailed, internal certification process. By using this way, we ensure that quality, reliability and commitment are guaranteed at all times.

Get started now: Simply click on “Register for free” and do also profit from PackLogX.



About us

Packlogx GmbH was founded in January 2020 to create a digital and automated procurement platform for loading equipment. Our founding team consists of two IT-Specialists and two commercial lawyers, who have many years of experience in the market of loading equipment.  Moreover, we are supported by the “Gründerstipendium NRW”, a national funding initiative of the state North Rhine-Westphalia. 


PackLogx GmbH

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46244 Bottrop

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